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Monday, July 27, 2015

The Ultimate Dress Form Fitting Pad System Review

When I purchased my professional dress form with collapsible shoulders from The Shop Company. I ordered The Ultimate Dress Form Fitting Pad System by Fabulous Fit through them as well. 

The box arrived in good condition with all the pads, covers, and instructions. A detailed measurement chart was also included in with the instructions. However, I ultimately just used measurements from my sewing books rather than follow it step by step.

The Fit

The places I needed to pad were my shoulders, thigh, hip, and rear. The shoulder pads were perfect for my needs and my dress form now mirrored my square shoulders. The rest… not so much. 

If I used all three pad types for my lower half, the dress form would be way too large for me. There was far too much padding for each area to use all together. When only one area was used, the measurement was spot on. I decided to use only the back hip pads. Thus, my dress form’s front thighs and side hips are a little more slender than I am. Moreover, the form has a little more going on in the back than I do. I also felt the rear hip pads were shaped oddly. I would have expected a more gradual padding than what it is.

 I hope I can account for this discrepancy in my sewing and it doesn’t affect my garments. If it does, I might have to DIY my own solution. I hesitate to cut or alter the pads should I need them as-is in the future.


In the end, I’m not sure The Ultimate Dress Form Fitting Pad System was worth the money. The shoulder pads were just what I needed. Also, the covers are perfect and I’m glad I didn’t have to make them myself. I’m just not sure that the convenience covers the cost and how little of the system I ultimately used. On the other hand, I may be glad to have these pads in the future should my weight and shape change from having kids, age, life, etc. (Though hopefully not too much!)

The Shop Company Professional Dress Form Review

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  1. Hi, Kara. I ordered the pad system and a dress form, both through Fabulous Fit, and like you, I ran into trouble at the bottom of the dress form. The size 10 dress form I ordered is 1-2" smaller than my waist and hip measurements, but unlike me, she has a totally flat tummy and NO butt. When I add the tummy and tushy pads, she ends up measuring a lot larger than me. I am going to exchange my size 10 dress form for a size 6, which matches my upper chest perfectly but will need significant boob, butt and belly padding. Despite the sizing guidelines on the web site, I believe that this system will work better for me if the dress form matches the size of my frame/skeleton (my pre-childbirth wreckage bod) and then I build out my lumps and bulges with additional padding as needed. Wish me luck!