Commercially Alternative: March 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Renaissance Festival Costume: A Corset

Last Spring semester, during my sewing class, I decided to devote my time to corsets. The purpose of the class was to go beyond basic techniques and use fashion materials. One of my projects was a Victorian corset, although I never did a post about it. The other was an Elizabethan corset. 

I wanted a more correct period silhouette than my previous costume attempts. For a pattern, I used the Elizabethan Corset Generator and it really couldn’t have gone easier or quicker. Although, if I do another one, I would mess around with the input measurements such as length. It's a little too long. I used two layers of cotton duck canvas from Hobby Lobby and heavy duty cable ties from Home Depot. The fashion layer is some home decor fabric from Joanns that was on sale. I was really glad to find something so pretty that was mostly cotton. The lacing is double faced satin ribbon. (I wish I got a picture of the back laced up!)

I wanted to get this done quickly to get it in on time for my sewing class (and the Renaissance Festival was quickly approaching as well!). So I didn’t want to bother with binding tabs. Big mistake. It was so uncomfortable and sat on my hips painfully. Thus, I quickly whipped up some rectangle shoulder straps. I believe they are one layer of duck canvas and 2 layers of the fashion fabric. 

With the shoulder straps it’s quite comfortable to wear. I received both an A in the class and a lot of compliments at faire. Also, I've decided to add a waistband to the skirt. It is much too heavy for the elastic and was near falling down the entire time. 

I hope you all like it!