Commercially Alternative: February 2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wardrobe Architect: February - Clean Out Your Closet

De-clutter, get rid of old, unwanted, ill-fitting items. Take inventory.

This month I continued with Coletterie’s Wardrobe Architect series. We were given the task of cleaning out our closets and taking inventory. That was about all I did this month. I seemed to get sick every single week with various illnesses. Not much sewing was done. I do have a project just itching to be finished. All it needs is a hem! Although, that is proving tricky as I need my husband to help me mark the hem and it’s been hard to pin him down for the task. 

I’ve never had trouble cleaning out my closet. It’s always nice to pull out all those old things that pile up in the back. I actually already did this part last year before I was married and moved in with my husband. What was left was a huge pile of maybes.

The first thing I did was sort my closet. This was the first time I’ve ever done this. Usually, I just put recently cleaned items up front and eventually the things I always wear are up front and things I never wear wind up in the back. It really limited my choices. Things were constantly lost or forgotten in the organized chaos and I wound up only wearing about a fourth of my closet. I divided it into work shirts, work pants, slacks, polos, t-shirts, date-night shirts, skirts, dresses, sweaters, and miscellaneous (this consists of mainly costume pieces). 

Of those sections, I pulled out my maybes. As it turned out, I actually tossed almost every item in the maybe pile. Sometimes it was a good fit, a good look, but made in a wretched material I never wore. Others were good basic wardrobe pieces that fit poorly I kept around “just in case.” Well, I don’t want that “just in case” to become a reality, so out they went. While others were good basic wardrobe pieces that fit well. However, they were never my style and I never used them.

It felt very satisfying to look at my organized closet.

Then I took inventory and discovered something. My outfits are so boring! It was like an elephant in the room. All my work shirts were the same, just varying colors. Same with my work pants, polos, t-shirts, and even dresses. If we got rid of every duplicate item in my closet, I would have one work shirt, one work pant, four t-shirts, and three dresses. It’s sparse, yet the number of duplicates fills my closet! Seriously, I have about nine sheath dresses that are the exact same dress in varying colors and patterns. I have a problem people.

However, there is a reason for my problem. It is so rare that I find something that fits me. (Although I admit, I’m rather particular about fit) When I do find something that fits well enough, I buy it in every color and stop, tired of trying on everything in the store. 

I am excited to sew clothes that I can actually wear and made for my proportions, other than costume garments. When I build up enough items for a stylish varied capsule wardrobe, my closet will go through a more complete overhaul. 

On the plus side, I'm figuring out this whole pinterest thing and figuring out my style and sewing goals.