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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wardrobe Architect: Week 3 - Exploring Shape

Determine what shapes make you feel comfortable and happy, and which feel foreign and wrong for you.

This week, the Wardrobe Architect Challenge provided a worksheet where we rate our feelings on various garments' fit and shape.

This exercise didn't take too much effort to think about. I've been well aware of what basic shape elements I look for in clothes for a long time now. I like modest necklines and lengths, full skirts, and a good structured/tailored fit that's not baggy or skintight. Although, a few items were difficult to rate because I can like or hate a given element based on a particular garment. For example, I love sleeveless dresses, but it's rare that I like sleeveless shirts.

The trouble for me comes down to finding clothes that actually fit and knowing what looks good together. I can love everything about a dress I find in a store; boat neck, defined waist, full skirt. However, when I try it on, the waist will be too high/big and the skirt will be far too short. Another problem I run into is creating outfits or coordinates. I just don't have the skill to know what looks good with what. What kind of top looks good with this skirt? What color should it be? Texture? Pattern? Material? Accessories? Shoes? Hair? I struggle pulling it all together. Thus, I typically opt for a t-shirt and jeans. As you can tell, I'm already struggling with next week's exercise, Building Silhouettes.

And how in the world do you all even find cute clothes for your fancy polyvore and pinterest boards!?

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