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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! And a Tea Length Wedding Dress

Hello, readers! Happy New Year! I feel I am finally ready to continue blogging once more. There was actually a good reason I disappeared last year…

Yup! I got married! It is crazy how planning a wedding consumes your whole life. The wedding turned out amazing and I am so happy with my new husband.

The dress I wore was Justin Alexander 8706

It was definitely my dream dress, but I sure had to work hard to find it! I must have gone to every bridal store within 50 miles of my house. Nothing was what I was looking for. Given, I had very strict requirements; no strapless and had to be tea length or could be altered to be tea length. Such a thing didn’t seem to exist! They were all strapless mermaid gowns. It got so bad I was working with my sewing instructor on how to make my own gown. That stressed me to the limit. I just couldn’t do it. Then my mom found the Justin Alexander dress online and we drove an hour away to the only store near us that carries that brand. They didn’t have it in the store to try on. That was the dress though and we ordered it. Yup, I never tried on my wedding dress before I bought it. We were super lucky as it fit perfectly with no alterations needed. Well, it fit when we got it. By the time the wedding came around I had lost so much weight from stress it was a little big. Fortunately, it wasn’t strapless so it didn’t matter at all.

The wedding was small. We had about 50 people, which was just right for me. I’ve always dreamed of a small wedding. The ceremony was held in a little chapel in the morning with the sun shining in through the lovely stained glass. The reception was at a pretty golf club down the road where we served brunch. My husband and I love breakfast foods. Can’t go wrong with french toast and cinnamon rolls! Everything went perfectly. The only complaint I had was that the chapel was far too warm. The poor boys in their black tuxes were burning. Fortunately, the ceremony wasn’t long and we were off to the reception in no time.

People keep asking me how it is to be married. It’s really hard to answer. You just can’t imagine how different your life is after getting married. Laundry seems to have multiplied 10 fold. There’s always something that needs doing; dishes, grocery shopping, cleaning, work, etc. Yet, there is nothing like the wonderful feeling of waking up next to your best friend. 

Since it’s the New Year, let’s see how I did on my resolutions for 2014.
  • Complete my Victorian corset - Yes! It turned out lovely. I never made a blog post on it, but I did post a picture on my tumblr here. It needs some work, but I am more than pleased with it for my first corset.
  • Complete my steampunk bustle skirt - Nope. I got it all cut out, but no matter what needle I used, my taffeta fabric would snag and run. So I gave up
  • Sign up for a sewing class in the Fall semester - I did do this. I signed up for pattern drafting, but with the wedding being in the fall I was so busy I had to drop the class before even beginning.
  • Wear a costume to Comicon - Nope. Comicon was super lame this year as well. Big disappointment. There weren’t even any lolita panels!
  • Exercise at least twice a week - Not at all! Strangely enough, lost a whole lot of weight due to stress though. Not exactly healthy…
  • Blog twice a month - Yeah… no on this one as well.
  • Learn how to use a serger - *sigh* This one I’m really disappointed in myself to say I have yet to use my serger. It still sits, never been used. I just did not have time this year.
One out of seven. Oops!

This year, my blog will be a little different. While I still like lolita, I just don’t really have any interest in trying to wear it anymore. I will still reblog plenty of classic lolita outfits on my tumblr if anyone is interested. Thus, Commercially Alternative will become a sewing blog for my outfits and costumes. It makes me a little sad to say, I had hope Commercially Alternative would be the site I longed for when I first got into lolita. A place that would find good commercial patterns for lolita use, and give instructions on how to alter them. However, I still want to blog about my growing skill in sewing. I hope you all stick with me! 

My goals for 2015

  • Complete a 50s style dress - I got a fluffy light pink Malco Modes 582 petticoat for Christmas this year! It really needs a dress to go with it.
  • Complete an Italian Renaissance dress - Probably not going to be historically accurate, but it’s something I would like to try.
  • Blog twice a month - I hope to accomplish this by planning out my projects better so I have something to right about without huge dry spells
  • Exercise twice a week - Got to get healthy! I have been eating nothing but fudge and eggnog since the wedding.
  • Complete 3 additional garments - to be determined
  • Learn how to use a serger

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