Commercially Alternative: October 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Corset Supplies

Hello again everyone! I've been gone a long time. However, I haven't been completely idle. This semester I was finally able to take the next level of sewing class at a community college. So I have a lot of projects to show you and a lot more planned with my new skills. 

I thought I would break the ice and get back into the blogging world with a quick post on my latest shopping haul.

What we have here, folks, is a pile of corset making material! I've caught quite the steampunk bug recently. My final project for school this semester is a rather ambitious bustle skirt! And to go with it will be this Truly Victorian corset. 

It's still in the planning stages as I have to focus on my school projects, which are for a grade. Thus, it will be a while yet till these materials are transformed into something useful. I thought I would go ahead and start getting materials now anyway. I bought the corset pattern from Truly Victorian. The spiral steel, grommets, lacing, boning tips, and coutil are from Corset Making Supplies

It turns out it's a good thing I'm buying things ahead of time because I've made a minor boo-boo. When I was getting my boning tips, in my head I was thinking I needed 3 dozen PAIRS (so I would have plenty to practice with) and what I actually bought were just 3 dozen total. Oops. It's really not a big deal though. Once I make a final mock-up of the corset, I will be able to know the lengths of the spring steel I still have to buy. I can just get a couple dozen boning tips with that so I'm not paying ridiculous shipping just for some boning tips.