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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ever After High

Things have been pretty crazy at work lately and I've been really busy. I've had to stay late and work weekends for so long now. It's been pretty much a minimum of 46 hours a week and I don't get paid overtime! Woo-hoo? As a result, not much has been done on my blog. I'm very sorry about that! However, you can look forward to new posts coming soon! I have a new purple eyeliner to try out (I have high hopes for this one), an easy cosplay project to share, and a surprise coming late June/early July! I am super excited.

In the meantime I have discovered this... Well... I'm not sure what it is. Is it a tv series? A web series? A toy line? All of the above? All I know is that it's a spin off of Monster High. I thought the dolls from that series were interesting, but I never got into it. However, the Fairy Tale theme and loli-esque skirt shapes of Ever After High have caught my interest.

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  1. I have no idea why, but this looks strangely appealing. And it looks like they do try to do some clever things with the characters...