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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Quest for Purple Eyeliner

Hello again everyone. This post isn't sewing related or even exactly lolita related. However, I thought it would be a fun experience to share. I am currently searching for excellent purple eyeliners. My eyes are green so the color purple really makes them pop. However, it seems my search is going to be a bit of a challenge. My first trial was Maybelline's Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.

Maybelline's Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

I decided to purchase this product after watching this review on Makeup Geek. It was about 8 dollars at Target.  This comes with a small brush and the pot of color. Their purple eyeliner is called "Eggplant" and the packaging shows a very inky dark purple as the finished product. I knew from the Makeup Geek swatches that this was not true to the product color, but I'm still disappointed that it wasn't.

The product glides on very smoothly. However, I find that thin lines are nearly impossible. I have to go back over the line several times to get enough color to show. The product seems to be very forgiving of tiny mistakes and I'm able to wing it easily. The liner does seem to take a bit of time to dry and can smudge easily if you accidentally touch it too soon.

The product claims to have 24 hour wear. It does last for my whole work day looking great, even with my oily lids. (However, I do use a primer base to help control this) The eyeliner doesn't flake or transfer to my crease which is wonderful. I haven't worn it out for a late night yet, but I doubt it would make it. Though my look is intact when I get home from work, I've noticed that the corners are starting to fade and some has transferred to my lower lid.

The product also claims to be waterproof. It's more water-resistant in my opinion, which I actually prefer. Most "waterproof" items I've tried are a little too permanent for my taste. It takes a little more makeup remover and elbow grease to remove at the end of the day than others, but it's not so steadfast that if you make a mistake you're stuck with it for the rest of the day.

I'm a little disappointed in the color. I'm really searching for a bold statement purple. This is more a muted grey-brown purple and a little less pigmented than I would prefer. I can't say that I don't like it though. It has turned out to be quite lovely for a subtle work look. It's now become a part of my everyday makeup routine.

I believe I would recommend this product. It's not perfect, but, for the price, it is a great introduction to gel liners for those who are curious. It even comes with the brush so there's that added expense out the door. The purple isn't the bold pop of color I was hoping for, but it seems to be a great staple for a quick everyday look.


  1. You're so gorgeous! Miss you lots. Yeah it's not a very bold color but very pretty nevertheless. I bought Sephora/Pantone bright green mascara and absolutely love it! Are you looking for something you can use with a brush or is a pencil ok? I have Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in black, which I love, but it says it comes in a few different purples too.

  2. Thank you, Patty! =^_^= I miss you too! <3

    Anything as long as it lasts is okay. I'll definitely look into your suggestions!