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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My First Time Making Macarons

I’ve never given much thought to making macarons. I thought they were adorable and really enjoyed seeing pictures of their pastel cuteness on Tumblr. However, I never had an urge to eat one given that they were made with almonds. I’m not too much a fan of almonds. Not too long ago, my parents and I visited this little cafĂ© looking for a fun snack. My mom chose a large 3” chocolate espresso macaron, which rather surprised me as my mom dislikes nuts even more than I do! She offered me a bite. Let me tell you, it was amazing. It had such a unique chewy inside and crisp outside, but still melted in my mouth. I’m not even a big fan of coffee and I couldn’t get enough of the sweet/bitter flavor. I was hooked.

A little while ago, my good friend, Lady Lavender, decided to try macarons for the first time and blogged about it. I think they look lovely for her very first try! I was so impressed that she had such courage to try something new and difficult. So, even though I don’t really cook, I decided to give it a go myself.
I decided to try the recipe by Brave Tart. She's a pastry chef and wrote many detailed posts all about how to make a macaron. She really made it seem like I could do this too. I just followed her basic vanilla recipe so coloring and flavor wouldn't hinder my learning process. 
Unfortunately, it wasn't very successful. No feet formed, the tops cracked open, and they were hollow. However, I know exactly where I went wrong. 
My pile of crushed dinosaur eggs

One, I under-mixed the batter. I knew as soon as I started piping what I had done. The little ridges just didn't melt back into the batter, but remained distinctive lines.
Two, my oven is way too hot. You can tell the difference oven temperature can make below. The ones on the left are from the first batch. The ones on the right are the last batch where I lowered the oven temperature. They actually formed feet and had a smooth top. However, they were still hollow and some still cracked.

Despite the flaws, they tasted very good! Both my parents really loved them. However, they are incredibly sweet! I feel like they need something bitter like a chocolate ganache or espresso filling as an offset. I am very excited to try again. Even though it is incredibly expensive at $10 for a very small bag of almond flour! 

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  1. They're really good for a first try! I'm so glad you decided to try them, Miss Bloomers. I can't wait for your next batch and I hope they turn out better. Thanks so much for linking me!