Commercially Alternative: February 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Headwear Appreciation Post Part 6: Mini Hats

I'll be honest, mini hats were one of the first things I fell in love with when I discovered lolita… through anime. *gaspeth!* It was when I was first coming out of the otaku closet so to speak. I had been watching anime for a little while and had just been introduced to the wondrous world of manga. I started collecting pictures of all these wondrous characters with fabulous dresses, bonnets, and mini hats referred to as "gothic lolitas." Then, one day, the heavens opened up and the angels sang when I discovered that people actually wore these clothes! Coming from an anime and manga background, I admit, my tastes were quite tacky in the beginning. Luckily, I passed through this phase quickly and quietly with no access to funds nor any sewing skills. *phew!* Mary Magdalene and Victorian Maiden showed me the way to the true path. However, even now, little shrunken hats perched at skewed angles makes my heart flutter a bit. 

Mary Magdalene (Have I mentioned how this is my favorite dress of all time?)

Victorian Maiden

Innocent World

 Rose Melody

Just look at the beaded details

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Outfit Drawing of the Week

For Valentine's Day my parents gave me the Fashion Angels Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio. How cute are they? Even though I'm far past the age requirement of 6+, I absolutely love it! It is a book full of light outlines of cartoon girls and a set of stencils for you to draw clothes on them. You can use the stencils to mix and match outfits or create your own. It's really the perfect gift as I love to draw out new clothes, but drawing people eludes me. 

To keep my creativity flowing during school when I can't sew anything, I'll try to draw out dream coordinates or design my own once a week. I hope you enjoy my doodles and constructive criticism would be much appreciated. 

Here's my very first creation. I've really been in a boy style mood and I wanted something with a corset in it. I wanted to pair the blue with a blueish grey since you rarely ever see anything other than black pants in boy style lolita.

I just love how she has short hair somewhat similar to mine. ^_^ This is going to be really useful in planning out future designs.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Headwear Appreciation Post Part 5: Hair Corsages and Flowers

Hair corsages are the go-to look for a classic lolita. To me they posses a fairy tale charm and elegance. It's as if, at any moment, the girl is going to burst out into song and have a little blue jay land on their finger, singing along with her. The brand, Victorian Maiden, almost exclusively sells different arrangements of flowers as their hair accessories.  Flowers can be worn by anyone with any hairstyle. Plus, there's the added bonus of being inexpensive and easy to make. Here are some lolita tutorials on how to add some flora to your look.

The Victorian Era even utilized a language with flowers! Check out this website to put a little meaning in your hair accessories.

Here are some lovely lolita models using hair corsages. All are from Victorian Maiden except the top two which are Mary Magdalene.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Headwear Appreciation Post Part 4: Headbows

Bows are the most common theme in lolita. It's as if lolitas have this inherent urge to slap a bow on any blank surface they see. You can find bows on shoes, socks, blouses, skirts, prints, and even on top of other bows! (as you can see in this OP from Baby)
I am really not a fan of this one.

They are very popular right now, especially in the sweet lolita style. It makes sense since bows really add a youthful look to any coordinate. They range from simple small hair clips to elaborate monsters that earn their name, head-eating bow. Since I'm a fan of more mature aesthetics in lolita, a head bow is not my go to hair piece. However, I do like them and will probably whip up a couple of simple ones using this lovely tutorial by Elegant Musings.

Mary Magdalene (I think this is the only head bow I've ever seen MM make) (I don't think I've EVER seen Victorian Maiden come out with a head bow)

Innocent World (Innocent World has a plethora of lovely bows that work wonderfully for classic lolita)

Moi meme moitiƩ

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Headwear Appreciation Post Part 3: Round Headdresses

Whoever decided to stick a circle of fabric covered in ruffles, lace, ribbons, and bows in their hair was a genius. This is, by far, my favorite thing that lolitas put on their heads, despite how odd it may seem. I feel a good circle headdress sums up the themes presented in a coordinate. They should incorporate elements of the outfit without overpowering one's head. It's a good way to get an older school look that's a little more flattering and versatile than its rectangle counterpart. 

Mary Magdalene

Innocent World

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Please: Don't make your headdress too big! Yikes!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Headwear Appreciation Post Part 2: Rectangle Headdresses

Nothing says old school like a rectangle headdress. It used to be the headpiece of choice, but, as many of you know, has really fallen out of style. Whether the blame falls on anime, itas, or what have you, lolita is an every evolving fashion with changes and trends. I think that's what makes me fall in love with it over and over again. However, I don't think we should forget about our roots. FYeah Lolita wrote a wonderful article on the Updated Rectangle Headdress. I would really love to see a thin rectangle headdress comeback myself. Although, round headdresses are more my style. We'll look at those next week.

Mary Magdalene

Wish this was on a headband. :/

Victorian Maiden

Innocent World