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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Readers! I hope it has been as good a year for all of you as it has been for me. 

So much has happened in 2012 I can scarce believe it. I graduated with my bachelor's degree back in early May and have been working since late May. God was so so so good to me to get me a wonderful job straight out of college.

Last year I made some New Year's Resolutions. Let's see which I accomplished and make some new ones!

  • Finish my black scoop neck blouse
    • That… was a big no. ^^" I didn't do any of it this year. I hadn't even realized how bad it's been.
  • Make a hair corsage
    • Bought the supplies, but never made it
  • Sew a hair bow
    • No again…
  • Sew a high waisted skirt
    • I realized I needed a little more knowledge and skill before I tackle this one.
  • Attend a lolita meetup
    • Yes! Yes I did! It was such a wonderful experience. All the attendees were darling and I saw such wonderful outfits.
  • Blog once a week
    • Not quite, but I have been getting better.
  • Get all A's
    • So close! Four A's and a B and I graduated Cum Laude. I'll take it!
  • Finish school
    • Woo hoo! Complete success!
  • Exercise once a day
    • Bwahahaha! *sniff* Haha! Did I say that?
  • Practice trumpet once a week
    • Complete! I even joined my local community college's night concert band. It's so wonderful to get back into music.
  • Exercise at least twice a week
    • Let's try to be a little more reasonable this year
  • Practice trumpet at least twice a week
    • Once a week was quite easy last year, so adding in an extra session shouldn't be too painful or difficult.
  • Get better at my job
    • I hate open ended resolutions like this. I prefer resolutions that you can say complete or not at the end. However, I'm still quite useless there and can't do much completely on my own.
  • Complete my Renaissance Festival outfit
    • I've completed the skirt. So look forward to a post on that in the new year. I'm going to use my old chemise. The next step is completing the bodice, which is on it's way as I've already created a mock up for fitting.
  • Finish my black scoop neck blouse
    • Let's see if I can get this one done by the end of the year.
  • Blog at least once every other week.
  • Complete at least one lolita related garment other than the blouse
    • TBD
Did any of you create New Year's resolutions last year? How did you do? What are you resolutions for this year?

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  1. I failed on most of my resolutions during the past year. They were mostly about sock knitting and school just caught up with me. Now my biggest resolution is to hopefully get a real job now that I am out of school, but I'm not having that much luck at the moment.