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Monday, November 26, 2012

Lifestyle Lolita Hobbies: Reading

Growing up, I can’t say I considered reading to be a hobby. It was just something everyone did. How could one not? It still surprises me greatly when I discover that someone doesn’t read books for enjoyment.

I love reading. When I read, I feel like I’m actually experiencing the story; the sights, the smells, everything! I’m so excited, now that I’ve graduated, to read for fun once more, instead of stuffy textbooks and math proofs. Now that the weather is cooling off, nothing sounds better than curling up in a big comforter with something warm to drink and a book in my hands.

And books can fit any lolita’s taste. Maybe a gothic romance? Or a sugary sweet fairy tale? An old, well read classic perhaps? Or, how about, a good sci-fi adventure just because! (I've linked to a couple of books that popped into my head when I thought of each theme)

I just recently bought a Kindle to start my reading journey wherever I am. Nothing tickles me more than the thought of entire books right in my purse! My current lineup of books includes Pride and Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables, Grimm Fairytales, Sherlock Holmes, and the Bible. Yay for finally having a Bible on hand with search functionality during religious debates with my friends! (I do love a good religious debate ^_^) Surprisingly, all of these were free thanks to Project Gutenberg.


  1. I got a nook and I love using the library online! I don't have to drive to the library anymore or worry about returning the books - just a click away!

  2. I actually just discovered that libraries have ebooks! I'm really excited to try it.