Commercially Alternative: November 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Lifestyle Lolita Hobbies: Reading

Growing up, I can’t say I considered reading to be a hobby. It was just something everyone did. How could one not? It still surprises me greatly when I discover that someone doesn’t read books for enjoyment.

I love reading. When I read, I feel like I’m actually experiencing the story; the sights, the smells, everything! I’m so excited, now that I’ve graduated, to read for fun once more, instead of stuffy textbooks and math proofs. Now that the weather is cooling off, nothing sounds better than curling up in a big comforter with something warm to drink and a book in my hands.

And books can fit any lolita’s taste. Maybe a gothic romance? Or a sugary sweet fairy tale? An old, well read classic perhaps? Or, how about, a good sci-fi adventure just because! (I've linked to a couple of books that popped into my head when I thought of each theme)

I just recently bought a Kindle to start my reading journey wherever I am. Nothing tickles me more than the thought of entire books right in my purse! My current lineup of books includes Pride and Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables, Grimm Fairytales, Sherlock Holmes, and the Bible. Yay for finally having a Bible on hand with search functionality during religious debates with my friends! (I do love a good religious debate ^_^) Surprisingly, all of these were free thanks to Project Gutenberg.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Lifestyle Lolita Hobbies: Crochet

This week we are continuing the series of lifestyle lolita hobbies I participate in. Yay! This hobby is my newest skill I've picked up, crochet.

I was really surprised at how easy it is to learn crochet. I was taught a couple of months ago by some friends of mine. After quite a bit of confusion in the beginning and some youtube tutorials, I was quickly getting the hang of it. I bought the book, I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting. It has some great pictures and clear instructions. I haven't tried any of the provided patterns yet though.

I especially love how portable crochet is. All you need is your ball of yarn and a hook!

You can make a lot of lovely things with crochet. A lovely crochet shawl or bolero can be the perfect touch to any lolita coord. (Or mori girl!) Here are a few free patterns on! (You will need an account to look at the actual pattern) There are so many free patterns available with this resource for both knitting and crochet.
Here are my projects. The first is a scarf. It was the very first thing I made (other than practice squares). I hadn't quite got the hang of it yet. The second half looks so much better than the first since I was learning as I went. I have issues with keeping my tension consistent, too. ^_^ Quite often my stitches are far too tight. So it's a little lumpy. (okay, it's really lumpy) I still have to wash it and weave in the loose ends. The second is a rather ambitious project that I might never complete, a blanket! I'm a fan of quick projects and I'm finding myself getting bored with doing the same thing over and over again without much progress. XD Oh well, we'll see.

And… for something a little nerdy… a Sackboy pattern! (by

Friday, November 2, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: My Lolita Playlist

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival theme is "My Lolita Playlist." I can't say I have anything particularly "lolita." Whatever that might mean. XD However, a few of the artists in my library do give me a slight lolita feel should the need arise. 


This is my favorite band of all time. I fell in love with the very first song I heard, "Bring me Back to Life." It is such a rare thing to love an entire album of any artist. However, I can listen to Evanescence's CDs all the way through without skipping. Despite listening to their songs over and over throughout the years, I don't lose interest in their songs. I must admit, I was a little disappointed in their latest album, but I will not give up hope and remain loyal yet! Their music definitely gets me into a gothic lolita mood.

Mannheim Steamroller

I listen to Mannheim Steamroller every Christmas as my dad and I put up the tree. It is a tradition we have kept for many years since I was a child. It's music brings to mind many charming memories. Sometimes during the year, when Christmas is nowhere in sight, I play these songs on my iPod. It always puts me in the mood to sit be a warm fire, a cup of eggnog in my hands, wearing a cranberry red lolita dress with a fur trimmed capelet. 


Okay, this band really doesn't have any sort of lolita feel to them at all. However, I am quite enamored with them as of late. Their songs are catchy and enjoyable, their dance moves are well done, and they are so PRETTY! *sigh* I picked their Chinese version to share as they don't get as many views as Exo-K even though they are just as amazing!

Kai... always losing his shirt...

Tao and Kris. Just look at those faces! @_@



And… just for fun… something nerdy!

Lolita Blog Carnival

And here's the list of other lolita blogger's playlists. I hope you enjoy them! (Will be updated as blogs post)