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Friday, April 6, 2012

Jumping on the Print Bandwagon: MM Perfume Bottle

So… I admit, I believe that Mary Magdalene can do no wrong. 

Until now.

It seems that MM has jumped on the print bandwagon. I find this to be odd timing as prints are EVERYWHERE and I, for one, am a little tired of it. MM usually releases simple solid colors or florals with stunning details and cuts. While I like the new OP, JSK, and skirt that they've come up with. And I also like the muted colors. I just don't like where this is heading. 

What are your thoughts?


  1. I mean they are pretty,
    but the ones with the simple solid colors with the detail are much prettier in my opinion.


  2. Welllll I think the print is still very in character with their brand and the cuts are still very MM. Perhaps they've seen a sales drop because classic isn't as popular so they're jumping into prints in order to attract more business? Prints are really popular right now so not as many people are buying solids. It makes me sad because I personally love both prints and solids. It can't hurt for them to try right? If their sales go up with this they'll probably keep making prints. If they stay the same/go down they'll go back to all solids.

  3. I agree with you two, Chaitea and Kayla. They are still very pretty and I do like them. (The OP is my favorite. I have a thing for their dresses with the bib insert thing at the neck.) And I do see your point Kayla. They do still look MM. Also, in a business sense it really couldn't hurt to try since prints are indeed popular. I just don't want to see them lose who they are. MM has always been so mature and elegant. And this trend could easily go down a path to becoming just sweet with a muted color scheme.