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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Handmade Highlights

I love seeing what other lolitas sew. So I'm a constant stalker of the livejournal sew_loli. It really motivates me to practice and learn more sewing techniques. Today, I stumbled across this post and it completely took by breath away. I only wish to someday make something half as stunning.

A little sneak peak at this lolita's stunning work!

My favorite part is the bodice. I love the deep blouse styled V and the fitted waist. I also love how the skirt starts lower than is typical in lolita style. I feel that these elements will really help give an illusion of an even narrower waist. The different shades of cream with the hints of deep burgundy are absolutely sublime for a classic coord. Even the print is lovely as on first glance you think it is a floral, but on closer inspection you see lovely groups of rococo ladies and a gentleman sitting outside on a warm spring day. And the sleeves... my gosh, the sleeves! Seriously, I am in love and the worn picture is to die for. <3

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