Commercially Alternative: April 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Outfit Drawing of the Week

I'm really quite fond with how this one turned out. I got the idea after finishing the shorts  details in last weeks Outfit Drawing. My original notebook scribbles were more Rococo influenced with the skirt starting slightly below the waist and a different colored panel down the middle. But I really wasn't satisfied with what I was getting. Then I got the idea to bring in Regency influences instead with an empire waist and the fullness of the skirt gathered in the back. I really see it with a matching bonnet as I think no self respecting Regency woman would be caught without one. However, my drawings of one just seemed strangely disproportional. 

As always, I would love to hear what you all think.

Handmade Highlights

I love seeing what other lolitas sew. So I'm a constant stalker of the livejournal sew_loli. It really motivates me to practice and learn more sewing techniques. Today, I stumbled across this post and it completely took by breath away. I only wish to someday make something half as stunning.

A little sneak peak at this lolita's stunning work!

My favorite part is the bodice. I love the deep blouse styled V and the fitted waist. I also love how the skirt starts lower than is typical in lolita style. I feel that these elements will really help give an illusion of an even narrower waist. The different shades of cream with the hints of deep burgundy are absolutely sublime for a classic coord. Even the print is lovely as on first glance you think it is a floral, but on closer inspection you see lovely groups of rococo ladies and a gentleman sitting outside on a warm spring day. And the sleeves... my gosh, the sleeves! Seriously, I am in love and the worn picture is to die for. <3

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Outfit Drawing of the Week

Wow. This one took a long time. I've actually had the sketch done for a while, but hadn't gotten around to coloring it. The shorts color isn't quite right. I had hoped for a more light brown khaki than a yellow sand color. Oh well. I had also wanted a full size top hat, but with her large cartoon head it threatened to take over the picture. XD

I hope you all like it!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Jumping on the Print Bandwagon: MM Perfume Bottle

So… I admit, I believe that Mary Magdalene can do no wrong. 

Until now.

It seems that MM has jumped on the print bandwagon. I find this to be odd timing as prints are EVERYWHERE and I, for one, am a little tired of it. MM usually releases simple solid colors or florals with stunning details and cuts. While I like the new OP, JSK, and skirt that they've come up with. And I also like the muted colors. I just don't like where this is heading. 

What are your thoughts?

Monday, April 2, 2012

First Meetup

This weekend I attended my very first lolita meet up! It was a "tea party" in a little city park with a small lake. Although there was not a drop of tea in sight. XD I didn't wear lolita as a) my only complete blouse is not very comfortable and I was so nervous I really wanted a comfortable outfit and b) I don't have a complete coordinate anyway. However, I tried to dress nice by wearing a cute little skirt number with some ballet flats. There were at least 20 people in attendance. It was so amazing to see so many lolitas in real life. I also discovered that we have a HUGE local community with over one hundred members on the Facebook group! Wow. I'm so glad I finally got my foot in the door and will definitely be attending more events whenever I can. The girls were so lovely and nice, I hope I can make many friends.

I did take a couple of pictures (I wish I had taken more), but as I would like to keep myself anonymous I won't be posting them. I'm sorry.

There was a raffle of sorts, but almost everyone walked away with something. XD My prizes included a heart ring, a plush candy hair clip, and an adorable minnie mouse cupcake ring.