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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Headwear Appreciation Post Part 4: Headbows

Bows are the most common theme in lolita. It's as if lolitas have this inherent urge to slap a bow on any blank surface they see. You can find bows on shoes, socks, blouses, skirts, prints, and even on top of other bows! (as you can see in this OP from Baby)
I am really not a fan of this one.

They are very popular right now, especially in the sweet lolita style. It makes sense since bows really add a youthful look to any coordinate. They range from simple small hair clips to elaborate monsters that earn their name, head-eating bow. Since I'm a fan of more mature aesthetics in lolita, a head bow is not my go to hair piece. However, I do like them and will probably whip up a couple of simple ones using this lovely tutorial by Elegant Musings.

Mary Magdalene (I think this is the only head bow I've ever seen MM make) (I don't think I've EVER seen Victorian Maiden come out with a head bow)

Innocent World (Innocent World has a plethora of lovely bows that work wonderfully for classic lolita)

Moi meme moitiƩ


  1. I love headbows~. I think the pleated ones like the IW example on the top left are really neat looking and not made nearly often enough. :3

    1. I find the pleated falls head bows really fascinating myself. I want to get one just to see exactly how it's constructed. XD IW always has a boat load of this type!