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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vintage Pattern Love

I love looking at vintage patterns on the internet. Especially those from the 50s with their full skirts. I wish they still made things like this. When most of my friends talk about what they would do when they find a time machine (yes, we're cool like that), they talk about going to the future, seeing the birth of Jesus, or very Dr. Who type things. However, I would go back and buy a boat load of vintage patterns, fabric, and clothing. ^_^ I wonder what the butterfly effect of such things would be. o_O"

I love the low back and pleated skirt.

I find this one very interesting because of the low placement of the very full skirt.

This one amazes me by how loll-esqu it naturally is.

My favorite of the bunch. I love the three different necklines to choose from. The green one in particular is to die for.

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  1. I clearly need to actively look at vintage patterns. @.@ There is a whole bucketload of gorgeous in this post! :O

    The really full skirt in the dropped-waist dress looks really cool, and I'm amazed by that super loli-looking pattern, too! :O

    I think boat necklines with collars are pretty cute; they practically scream "socialite" to me. XD The collar of the plaid-ish dress reminds me of the collar on this Bodyline OP: .