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Monday, December 19, 2011

Sleeve Indecision for Scoop Neck Blouse

Yesterday, I showed my mom the progress on my blouse. She asked my what kind of sleeves I had planned. I told her some short puffed sleeves. She nodded her head and said, "I think it would look really cute with long sleeves." That night all I could think of was, "Oh! It WOULD look cute with long sleeves!" From then on I've been flipping back and forth between the two. 

Therefore, I would really like to hear your opinions. I've drawn out four options. View A shows the sleeve that the pattern paired this top with. View B shows the sleeves that I had planned on going with. View C shows a three quarter length sleeve that, while not really lolita, I think is nice. However, I worry that, paired with the not inherently lolita scoop neck, the blouse will really not look lolita. View D shows long sleeves that I made up after looking at brand blouses and I don't have a pattern for, but I think looks nice and ties in the ruffle at the bottom. So, please, let me know your thoughts in the comments or using the poll on the right.

I apologize for the photos of the sketches. My ancient scanner was not cooperating today. 


  1. I think I like the short-sleeved versions best. It might depend on what the rest of your wardrobe is like though- if you already have a lot of short sleeved blouses (or vice versa) maybe it makes more sense to make whichever one you need more.

  2. Thank you very much for your input! I really appreciate it. ^_^ I actually only have one other blouse. So I'm really not swamped with one kind at all! XD

  3. Hello, I'm a new visitor and already signed up to your rss feed :3
    I'm loving this blouse's sewing reports, they are very interesting and informative!

    I voted B and D, but I think all of the options are nice!
    Since you seem to prefer classic lolita style, maybe sleeve A could be ruled out, it looks a bit more sweet-ish to me.
    Also, you only have one more blouse at the moment, so probably you could save sleeve C for later. This way you'll work on the wardrobe staples first and then move on to the more "tricky" stuff. (But I do think a scoop-necked blouse with 3/4 sleeves can be worked nicely into a lolita outfit, even it not being so iconic).

  4. Juli: Thank you for signing up! I hope you enjoy reading my blog. ^_^ And thank you for your input, too!

  5. I chose A. :D I like all of the sleeve designs, but I think that the slight long-ness of the A sleeves would balance out the scooped neckline~. I think that C would also a similar "balancing" effect~.