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Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Short Hair Story

I love short hair with a passion. As you can see in my cartoon self in the banner, I have short hair.

I tried long hair twice in my life. The first time was just a miserable experience when I was in elementary school and I really didn’t know how to even properly do or take care of hair. The second time was in high school and I decided to grow it all out. (It was VERY short and spikey/flippy at the time) I was never happy with it during the growing out process and constantly wanted to cut it off. However, I kept telling myself, “Just wait a little more. It’ll look better when it’s longer.” Eventually, I reached my goal length of slightly past my shoulders. I got a nice haircut with layers and bangs and I loved it! I felt like I finally had hair just like all of the pretty and popular girls did. I remember playing model in front of the mirror and pretending to do the herbal essence commercials with the slow motion hair toss. Nevertheless, the love affair quickly faded. I grew sick of fighting massive tangles every morning. Most days I didn’t have time to straighten my frizzy hair into submission and just opted for a ponytail. That just led to damage, split ends, and a general boredom with my look. I felt like I had no creativity with my long hair. My options were up or down and I looked just like every other girl out there. Moreover, long hair is hot! I honestly don’t know how anyone stands it!

When I got to college, anytime I would see any girl with short hair I would die a little with envy. After weeks of this, I decided I had enough and the long hair had to go. I bought about three hair magazines from the grocery store and got to work finding my new look. I told a few people that I was going to do it. Most really didn’t care or said they couldn’t wait to see it. A few boys told me that I shouldn’t do it because girls look better with long hair. (I believe that only made the feminist part of me want to do it even more!) I found one I loved, but I didn’t want to make any rash decisions. Therefore, I gave the magazine to my mom. She looked through it, went back, looked through it again, and pointed to the one I loved and said, “What do you think of this one?” I immediately cut out the picture and scheduled an appointment with my hair salon.

Well, she didn’t give me the haircut like in the picture. Actually, it was nothing like the picture at all and much shorter than I had planned! It turned out that she was good at long hair, not so much short. Funny thing, I really didn’t care! I was so happy with my short hair even if it wasn’t a good cut. I went out and bought my favorite hair products again from back in my short hair days, with a few updates, and threw out all of my ponytails that night.

Now I love collecting short hair magazines and pictures. There’s a whole stack of them in my closet. Sometimes I’ll cut out a random picture and take it to my stylist and say, “I want this today!” I don’t look like every other girl anymore. I love that I have NEVER seen a girl with any of my hairstyles before. People will come up to me in the store or on the street and tell me how much they love my hair. (Seriously, my hairstylist is a genius! I’m so thankful that I found her.)

I just wish that short hair was seen more in Lolita! Short hair is really a rare sight in this fashion. I’ve scoured the internet and all I’ve found are bobs. There aren’t even wide varieties of bobs. They are the same thick, blunt bangs with the rest chin length straight hair. Very cute and I love it, but I want more variety. Short hair is an amazing way to play with color and different looks. Don’t like your haircut? Wait a couple of months and try something new!

What do you all think? Does short hair have a place in Lolita? Ever have short hair yourself? What do you think of short hair on women in general?


  1. Personally I've always liked long hair on myself, but now that I've had it really long (past waist length) for several years, I'm thinking of cutting it short. It always seems like there are more varieties of short hairstyles, and it would be fun to try something different ^_^

  2. I always encourage short hair, but I'm just biased that way. ^_^

    Wow, your hair's so long! O_O It's really pretty too! I admire your dedication to get it to that length. I always thought it was so hard to keep long hair healthy. :/

  3. My hair's always been long. When I was in kindergarten, I made this vow to myself that I'd grow it down to my butt, but I found out over the years that curly hair just keeps curling, so I'll never have it that length -- nor do I want it that long. XD

    The longest it's been is around halfway down my back, but it's very damaged by that point; it's best for me when it hits close to the bottom of my shoulder blades, which is what it's at right now.

    I'm always really impressed by girls who have short hair because I think it looks really cute, and I'm too much of a chicken to do it myself. XD Plus, I don't know if I'd end up with some kind of odd mini-fro from it. XD

    Short hair in lolita is a bit of fresh air in the fashion because it looks so cute and unique. I would really like to see your hairstyle sometime; your description of it has made me really excited to see it because I had no idea your hair is so short! XD

  4. Curls are so pretty. When I was little, I was always so jealous of girls with lovely corkscrew spirals like yous. ^_^ My hair is naturally kind of a middle ground. Some of it curls, some of it's straight, and some of it wavy and cowlick-y. XD Yay for the invention of straighteners and product!

    While I'd love to show you my hair, since I'm currently looking for employment I really don't want to put my face out there right now. ^_^" But my current hair pretty much looks exactly like my cartoon self. It sticks up on the top and everything! XD