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Friday, December 16, 2011

Dramas I Love & a Big Thank You!

First off, thank you so much to everyone who reads my blog! There are a total of 10 followers! ^_^ (although, for some reason, they don't always show up on the main page :/) Again, thank you and I will work hard to continue to improve my blogging.

I am still searching for some 3/8" black lace for my blouse project. As a result, my blouse will have to sit for a bit longer. 

In the meantime, I've decided to compile a list of my favorite dramas. I really haven't seen many, but I love these so much I think everyone should see them. Hopefully, I can watch some more over winter break. If any of you have any drama favorites, please share! 

Secret Garden (romance, comedy, fantasy)

Secret Garden is a 2010 Korean drama. The story revolves around Gil Ra Im, a poor stuntwoman, and Kim Joo Won, a rich and arrogant CEO. Through various things that can only really happen in a drama, the two meet on the set of Gil Ra Im's movie. After the first episode you realize that Kim Joo Won has fallen in love with our heroine. Although, he himself doesn't realize it. Our hero then does everything possible to get close to our girl, but she really doesn't want anything to do with him. This drama is perhaps my all time favorite because, one, the male lead is not a jerk, and, two, the male lead truly loves the female lead. (of course he goes about it in a stupid manner, if he didn't we wouldn't have a drama!) Now, where does the fantasy come into play? At about episode 5 they switch bodies! At first this feels a little disjoint from the rest of the plot. However, this element is quickly worked into the story in a funny and interesting way. We get some good laughs and really delve into Kim Joo Won's backstory.

You're Beautiful (romance, comedy, gender bender)
You're Beautiful, also known as He's Beautiful, is another Korean drama from 2009. The story is about Go Mi Nyu, a nun in training. Her twin brother, Go Mi Nam, has just been accepted into the hit boy band A.N.Jell. However, Go Mi Nam just had a botched plastic surgery procedure on his eye and is stuck in America getting it fixed. Go Mi Nam's manager begs Go Mi Nyu to take his place in the band, disguised as a male, until her brother can come back. As a result, she has to live in the band's dorm with three other men. To be honest, the girl is a little… how should I say… apologetic? I really wish she would stand up for herself more. And the male lead… well… he's pretty much a jerk. But don't let this turn you off from there series! It is so funny and the love square (?) relationship between her and the three band members is an amazing emotional roller coaster.

Nodame Cantabile (comedy, slice of life, romance, music)
Nodame Cantabile is a Japanese drama which aired in 2006. The story focuses on Shinichi Chiaki, a piano player who dreams of becoming a conductor. However, he has a disabling fear of the ocean and airplanes. Hence, he cannot leave Japan to train abroad. The female lead is Megumi Noda, or Nodame. She's a piano student at the university and she dreams of becoming a preschool teacher. Nodame is sloppy, disorganized, and quite frankly really really weird. However, she is a piano prodigy and her music draws in Chiaki. This series really isn't about their romance. Their love just kind of happens on the back burner. The slapstick comedy is way too over the top, but what really drew me to this series was the music. It is amazing and truly inspirational. I really want to get my hands on the soundtrack for this series.  

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (romance, comedy, gender bender)

Coffee prince aired in 2007 in Korea. The female lead is Go Eun Chan, a poor, hard-working tomboy who constantly is mistaken for a guy. The male lead is Choi Han Kyul, a rich boy who really doesn't do anything except live off his family's money. The two meet a couple of times and Han Kyul mistakes her for a guy. Eventually, after some miscommunications and assumptions, Han Kyul hires Eun Chan to act as his male lover to scare off the blind dates his grandmother sets up for him. Things happen and other characters and love interests are introduced and eventually Han Kyul is in charge of a coffee shop that only hires handsome men and Eun Chan is an employee. I felt the ending left something to be desired, but the tender moments between the two leads made my heart melt over and over again.

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