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Monday, November 28, 2011

10 Things That Change

Since finals are approaching fast and my final projects are all due this week and next, there hasn’t been much time for sewing. I really can’t wait for this semester to end! My favorite time of year is the holiday season; making fudge, drinking eggnog, decorating, the smell of pine trees in every grocery store parking lot, and singing badly to Christmas carols in the car! *sigh* In addition, no homework will allow me time to sit down with my sewing. There are so many crazy ambitious things I want to try!

In the meantime, here are 10 things that changed for me, both good and bad, since learning how to sew.
  1. Appreciate high priced quality garments more. These things take a lot of time, energy, and an attention to detail to make
  2. Develop an “I can totally make that” attitude with every garment you see
  3. Notice how poorly made readymade garments in standard department stores really are
  4. Better understand how clothes should fit
  5. Better understand how to flatter your body
  6. More aware of any weight gain
  7. Browse patterns online instead of doing homework
  8. Gain a huge collection of patterns that you will probably never use just because they were on sale for $1 at Joann’s
  9. Joann’s morphs from an amazing wonderland to a never-ending feeling of frustration that they are the only fabric store around
  10. Never enough time in a day, but gained an amazing outlet for creativity
I am so glad that I did learn how to sew. I've finally found my medium in which I can successfully create amazing art. It is both stressful and challenging, but I enjoy every minute of it. When I sew, I can forget about my troubles and just relax.


  1. Ahahaha, yesssss. XD Number 2 was really funny. XD

    Also, numbers 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are totally things that can be affected by getting into lolita fashion, as well. I thought that was a really interesting coincidence~.

    I really like the idea of using this as a meme, so I might make a list of my own 10 things I've learned and credit you with it, if that's okay with you~. :D

  2. Huh, I can totally see that those points are the same with getting into lolita! That is interesting. xD

    That sounds great! Go for it! *giggles* I started a meme. :3