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Friday, October 28, 2011

Blouse Pictures

As promised, I have pictures of my new blouse. The added waist ties definitely help prevent the blouse from poofing up too much over skirts. I am really happy with how it turned out. Is it perfect? Does it look like brand? Gosh no, but I think it is great for my first blouse. I learned a lot during the whole process and that’s what counts. In addition, the pictures show a little preview of the skirt I made. Please tell me what you think. 

Here's the blouse without waist ties. For some reason my flash wasn't cooperating at this time.

And here it is with the waist ties. You can't see them as they are below the skirt, but they do bring in the excess bulk.
 As a bonus, here are the shoes I painted for my Danny Fenton costume. I was originally going to buy a pair of red converse. However, I didn't want to spend $45 on shoes that make my feet look like a pair of skies. Therefore, I bought a pair of $8 white sneakers from Kmart. I used the same red-pink glitter paint I used for the shirt. Masking tape was used for the white toes. Since the toes are just plain canvas, I used some Scotch Guard as well to try and prevent them from getting too dirty.


  1. That blouse came out so well! :O It actually made a really big difference; I can see how much less bulky the blouse looks around your waist. And I'm surprised that the blouse is offbrand; it's perfect for classic or maybe aristocrat. :O

  2. Yeah, it's a lot better. Before, whenever I moved the blouse would become untucked. Now it pretty much stays in place. However, I've discovered I'm very bad at tying bows. :/

    Actually, the blouse isn't offbrand. I made it. ^_^ I talk about the patterns I used in a previous post in August I believe.

  3. I can't tie bows very well, either, particularly ones that are supposed to be behind me, like on a blouse or skirt. XD

    You. Made. That. Blouse? Omigoodness. Seriously. O_O I really, truly thought you bought that somewhere. It's so beautiful!! O_O

    I'm going to go look at that post you mentioned. The thought of sewing a blouse kind of intimidates me, so whenever I make one, I am so going to come to you for help. @_@

  4. Really!? x3 You're too kind. Thank you!

    Feel free to ask me for help any time. It would be my pleasure. ^.^