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Monday, August 15, 2011

Fabric Dilemma

            This week I reached a brick wall in my sewing and hit it hard. While preparing the fabric for my next sewing project, I asked my mom if the dress would look nice. Her response was no, but it will look fine for my purposes. After some clarification and remembering that my mother thinks of Lolita as a costume and nothing more, it was revealed to me that my blouse looked “costume-y” and “cheap.” My pride was hurt. The garment that I had worked so long and hard on and tackled so many new and challenging things ended up as nothing but practice. I admit, I acted like a drama queen and began to question my sewing and whether or not it was even possible to be apart of this frilly world.
            After a while of self-pity, I decided I needed to educate myself. I remembered how well I had done in my sewing class, how quickly I pick things up, and how much I enjoy sewing and creating things. Thus, I am beginning my stint of fabric research.

  • Find what fabric stores (if any) are available in my area other than Hobby Lobby and Joann’s
  • Find out what online resources provide reliable quality.
  • Discover what to look for in a quality fabric

I am hesitant to buy fabric online. I actually dislike buying anything online. Moreover, I would like to be able to feel and see the fabric rather than fumbling around in the dark. However, I don’t know what resources other than Hobby Lobby and Joann’s are available in my region. I hope that my fellow sewing bloggers who are more experienced than I can help me in this.
Once I have learned all that I can, I shall post my findings. In the meantime, I shall continue working on my next project with the cheap material I already have to see if this pattern is even worth any lolita’s time.

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