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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dream Lolita Dresses/Skirts and Stories to Match

I still have a little ways to go on my next lolita sewing project. Therefore, I thought I would do what Zeruda did and share nine of my dream loli dresses/skirts. These are some of my favorite brand items. Clearly, Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden and Innocent World have a window into my soul.

I adore the simplicity of these garments. There are no bears riding unicorns around mountains of ice cream and happy feelings. There are no bows stuck in every crevice possible. Some don’t have a single bow to their name. Lace is even a scarce sight. They lack so many of the elements that come to mind as instantly lolita and yet they are gorgeous. There’s a mature elegance in their line, color, and shape. They inspire dreamy fantasies of graceful young maidens in charming settings. For fun, I decided to write little excerpts of what I see the girls in some of these dresses doing.

Mary Magdalene's High Waist Skirt (top middle)
The small street cafĂ© was noisy with the hustle and bustle of the crowd passing by. The girl adjusted her newly bought beret. It was exactly the same color as her skirt and she had to have it the moment she saw it. She giggled as she thought of how it probably made it obvious that she was a tourist. However, her map and a constant need to ask for directions probably didn’t help matters anyway. A tall waiter, handsome and about her age, brought her order of coffee and a pastry. The girl thanked him and gave her most charming smile. However, the boy did not see and had already moved on to the other patrons. Off put, she bit angrily into the pastry, but all was forgotten when the flakey morsel practically melted in her mouth. With renewed purpose, she whipped out her map once more and planned her day of art museums and shopping.

Mary Magdalene's Burgundy JSK (top left)
The room was silent except for the occasional crack from a log in the fireplace. The tinsel on the Christmas tree in the corner reflected the light from the blaze. The specks of light danced about the room like fireflies on a warm summer’s night. Her parents had long since taken her sleeping brother to bed. She smiled as she remembered how he still tightly held onto his new toy soldier despite being fast asleep. The party that evening had drained him completely. The girl sipped slowly at the last of her cup of eggnog. Like her brother, she wanted to hold on to the memories and feelings of the day. She lifted her cup to her lips, but realized that it was empty. Reluctantly, she stood up from the floor and put the cushion she was using back on the couch. The girl made her way upstairs, running her fingers along the garland and poinsettias that decorated the banister. Her parents met for her at the top of the stairs, kissed her goodnight, and wished her one last merry Christmas for the year.

Mary Magdalene’s Strawberry OP (top right)
The strawberry oozed slightly as she bit into it. She had to lean over quickly to avoid getting the juice on her creamed colored dress. Despite the almost tragic mishap, the strawberry was delicious and she went back for more. She heard her name and looked up, almost losing her loosely tied straw bonnet in the process. One of her friends stood at the top of the hill. The friend yelled for the girl to stop snacking and hurry up. It was almost midday and time for the picnic. A red-checkered picnic blanket was laid out beneath the shadow of a large tree. Her scattered friends gathered beneath the tree with strawberry filled baskets in hand. They had all brought in a fair amount of berries, having learned their lesson in younger years not to eat the fruit as they picked them or risk an upset stomach. Although, everyone still snuck a few now and again. The plump red strawberries were too much of a temptation to resist for long. Once everyone was settled, various sandwiches and snacks were laid out. The little group spent the rest of the warm afternoon laughing, eating, and playing.

I just noticed that all three involve food. Ha-ha, I guess I’m a little hungry.

What do you think of when you see your favorite lolita dress or skirt? I would love to hear some stories matched with the particular garment.


  1. I love these little snippets you came up with for the dresses! They are so awesome! I wished you could have finished the rest of the dresses. But they are all so pretty!

  2. Thank you! ^_^ I wanted to do all of them, but it seemed a little excessive to do all nine. In the future I plan on making stories for new releases that inspire me.